Semalt: Here Is An SEO Tool You Need To Know

Every website promoter knows that without various tools he/she uses it's not possible to perform professional promotion work. This is far beyond automation or work optimization services. Using various tools will help us evaluate the behavior of the surfers on our site, our competitors and the actions we take. From the reports we produce and the information we receive, we can carry out more professional, more comprehensive, more thorough and successful promotion work. Otherwise we will lose time and money, and our customers as well.

So, it's important to have the right tools to avoid this inconvenience to you and your client. But the worrying thing is that when we talk about different tools, we also talk about different subscriptions and each subscription has a price to pay. This is what makes life difficult for many SEO agencies or freelance SEO professionals. 

But, why make it difficult when it can also be easier? 

In this comprehensive guide, we will review the SEO Dedicated Dashboard which is an SEO tool that every webmaster must know. You can make great strides with this wonderful SEO tool. With the SEO Dedicated Dashboard, it will no longer be necessary to use multiple SEO tools in each category. Because, it is equipped with the features that bring together more than 90% of the tools that you will need to succeed in your mission. This simply means that you can save a lot of money with this tool, while remaining more professional and fast.

In this article we will highlight some of the multiple features of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. But, don't worry! Because 14 days of free trial are offered to you to know better the rest of the features of this tool and appreciate its performance. 

Google SERP Analysis Tools

Here is a tool that you absolutely need. Because, without the Google SERP analysis tool we are shooting arrows in the fog in our promotion work. Indeed, it shows you the position of your site and allows you to know the TOP pages and the keywords for which they rank. In addition, it helps to know and spy on the competitors' site to know their generating keywords and their SEO strategy. It is an indispensable tool in any promotion process. On the market there are several paid tools that you can use for this task. But our goal is to help you reduce the subscription of the tools as much as possible. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard has this feature that can help you accomplish this task in no time. And that's not all! You will see later that with this same tool you can do many other things with one subscription

Website speed testing tools

Checking the speed of the site is one of the most important things you want to check when starting your promotion work on the site and once in a while for review.

A site with a slow loading of pages and slow browsing will cause your surfers to quickly abandon your site. This will significantly hurt the promotion of your site and the various metrics that present you with the user experience on the site. Damage to the user experience will ultimately hurt your Google placements as well. 

Checking the speed of the site you can be presented with a snapshot of the loading speed of the site's pages and the speed of browsing it. With various tools you can even get a picture of breaking down the factors of the loading speed of the site and recommendations on how to speed up the site. But if we talk about website speed testing tools we will talk about subscription, in other words another investment. But, with the SEO Dedicated Dashboard, you will not have to worry about another subscription. Because, this tool has this feature which is very powerful to reveal you the reason why your site is slow.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is one of the cornerstones of any promotion process. Choosing the right keywords for promotion is very important so as not to waste your and your clients' time and money to invest in less relevant keywords, general phrases that will not necessarily bring customers or phrases whose competition is beyond the limits of the resources you have at this stage in your career. 

Some professional tools for keyword research will help you find new keywords, new ideas and different expressions, formulate a list of keywords often or with the common denominator or niche jointly explore the competitors and phrases they promote, for the idea of the degree of competition in promoting certain phrases, which volume the monthly search for those phrases and more. 

The tool with which you can start your keyword research will be the Google Keyword Planner, because it displays the most accurate data related to the Google search engine (around which we usually do all the promotional work). But this alone is not enough, because with this tool you will not have much relevant information about the proposed keywords. So you should also use additional tools to help you dig deeper and find more relevant phrases. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard has this feature, it is able to generate an unlimited number of highly relevant keywords with all the information you will need about each keyword.

Tools for market research and link testing

Market research tools are very good tools for analyzing data or large sites in different niches. These tools can display different data about the estimated amount of traffic on these sites, where the traffic is coming from, links to sites and even information about the same audience as divided by various parameters like age, gender and more. You will also be impressed by the number of surfers by platform (mobile, browser on the computer, etc.). Collecting this data can help you in researching your competitors, in niche research and in general give you different indications for different parts of your promotion process.

Let's dwell for a moment on the matter of link testing: Links are an important and weighty part of any organic promotion process. Whether it is internal links between the pages of the site or whether it is inbound links that come from various sources on the web. Using various link checking tools can help us obtain information with a high level of accuracy (imperfect) about the quantity and quality of inbound links to your site, the anchor text, check the links of competitors and more. 

To have this important tool you don't have to worry about another subscription. Because with the only subscription you had made for the Dedicated SEO Dashboard is more than enough to have this functionality in this tool.  

Duplicate content testing tools

Duplicate content is one of the biggest problems you may encounter in the SEO world. Every beginner website promoter should know that it is forbidden to copy but parts of content exist on the Internet because if Google crawls your site and finds copied content from another source on your Internet site, Google will ignore your content and punish the site. The problem is when publishers upload content themselves and are unaware of these rules and therefore tend to make these mistakes. 

Before uploading any new content to the site, it is recommended that you check one of the following tools to check that no content is copied from around the Internet. If you have been promoted to an existing site that already has a certain amount of content, you should check the existing content to make sure that there are no copied parts that could harm the organic promotion of the site. 

With the excellent tools, you can also check the existing content on your site, i.e. if there is duplicate content on your site. On the market there are many free tools that check the uniqueness of the site content. But let me give you an advice: never make the mistake of falling into the trap of free tools to check the uniqueness of content. Because it will not see anything even if the content is duplicated. You will need to pay again subscription to take copyscape or other paid tools to conduct this check. However, with the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you have access to this feature without worrying about subscription. So far you can already understand how often you need this tool. Because on the current market you will not find any SEO tool that has all these features in one. But rest assured that you will only understand a small part of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. 

But before I finish this article I'd like to introduce you to two more of these features and let you discover the rest yourself through the 14-day free trial Semalt is offering you.

SEO Reports

Here again is another wonderful feature of this tool. The Report Center tool is another unique feature of our Dedicated SEO Dashboard focused on innovation. It works by creating report delivery schedules for each of your clients individually. The benefit of this tool for your business is undeniable as it allows you to provide your clients with full SEO reports with your logo and brand name.

The DSD Administration Panel

The DSD Administration Panel is an all-in-one panel for tracking statistics, customizing settings and managing leads. You are free to create as many accounts as you need here, granting access to each member of your team. The basic panel options are available in the Standard package. However, if you're looking to expand your customer base and effectively manage your leads, be sure to consider our LeadGen add-ons.


Here we are at the end of this series of information on the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. So, before presenting you this tool, we took the time to study the market and explore 90% of the SEO tools on the market. After this analysis we found 3 tools considered as the best performing tools. You may know them, but I invite you to compare each of them to the SEO Dashboard to see for yourself the difference and why the SEO Dashboard is the tool that best meets the current market requirements.

Furthermore, if you have any questions about the SEO Dedicated Dashboard, don't hesitate to ask them. It will be a great pleasure for us to answer you and to shed more light on this famous treasure